Vyacheslav Goncharenko

I was born in 1950 in a family of teachers in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. Since childhood, I had a desire for knowledge and search for answers to fundamental questions about the basics of nature and human life to alleviate the suffering of people and to get rid of diseases.

However, neither development of all available scientific, religious and mystical literature or 3 years of study at the Medical Faculty had given a solution. Then 3 years of work as an instructor of mountain-hiking for tourists in the Carpathian mountains with the individual mastering of yogic self-knowledge methods and practical training of social psychology in tourist groups. Next, it was 6 years as a professional diver and diver-rescuer, studying at the University "Higher School of Trade Unions", a degree in economics and psychology, management positions in the field of recreation, foreign economic activity and advisory practice.

All this time there was steady progress toward answering the initial questions. Models having been developed and tested in practice, with new and new scientific information and experimental materials. Regularly I have provided individual psychological counselling. To systemize and develop the accumulated data NGO "The Master" being founded, within it, more than 70 scientific and analytical articles was published. However, the main thing - the desired answers to initial questions about the basics of nature and human life were obtained (see the article “Live Hologram”, “Model of Awareness”, “The New Paradigm of Psychology"). Currently, I am a chairman of the NGO "The Master".

Inga Goncharenko is a co-author of Step 4.