Live Hologram, or the Newest Model of the Human Psyche

Live Bio-hologram, or Holistic Model of Human Psychics and Awareness

According to this model, the physical carrier of the psychics is an increasingly complex and self-organizing bio-hologram. It arises as a result of the merging of parental DNA, the zygote and genome formation, and the subsequent mitotic cell division, which is accompanied by ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the form of standing waves - solitons. Theoretically, a soliton can exist forever; since having arisen, it no longer requires energy feeding for its existence. The total set of constantly renewable, but not disappearing solitons forms a stable interferential picture - a bio-hologram.

It is a dynamic, instantly renewable (with subsequent constant keeping), an absolutely accurate spatial cast of all biophysical, biochemical and other processes and phenomena accompanying the appearance, growth, development, and death of the organism. This is like a holographic movie. One of the main roles in it belongs to the holographic genome. Emerging in the process of formation of the somatic genome as its exact holographic copy, it is the initial compartment of the whole further "building" of the bio-hologram. It should be noted that the forerunner of holographic formation outside the bio-hologram, but existing together with it, is a proto-genome. Formed in the initial phase of fecundation as a result of the mutual tuning of the paternal and maternal DNA, the proto-genome is a complete set of all possible combinations of the genes.

The holographic genome constantly performs an informational biological feedback between the somatic genome and the organism being built, comparing and controlling the process of cell division (mitosis). Somatic and holographic genomes function as a united mechanism. It works like a quantum device. "Indeed, the process of doubling the DNA molecule takes 20 minutes. During replication, DNA, which has 300,000 turns of a spiral, must unwind at a speed of 125 revolutions per second and still perform a whole set of very precise biochemical reactions. This seems incredible. An explanation of the incredible is the work of a quantum automaton. If the classical machine works with N meshes, then the quantum automaton will work with meshes in an amount of 2 to the power N at the same time, since all meshes are in superposition. This results an exponential increase in power. " Manin Yu.I. "Computable and incomputable." Moreover, all sets of values will be processed simultaneously, and the very process of finding the result will pass by the criterion of optimality, i.e. harmony.

Although nature commences with reason and ends in experience it is necessary for us to do the opposite, that is to commence with experience and from this to proceed to investigate the reason.

― Leonardo da Vinci

With the advent of internal organs and their holograms (as different compartments in a united body of a bio-hologram), the joint work of these bio-holograms as new quantum automatons commences. Also, there appeared their joined holographic structure - a quantum holographic machine that compares the concentration of nutrients from the mother to the fetus. Over time, this automaton begins to work out a qualitatively new activity, which is not specified by the initial program. Under the influence of the request of internal organs, the automaton independently starts to exercise a forecast of nutrient intake. Thus, giving itself a function of self-programming, it ceases to be just a quantum automaton. And by tracking the resonance micro-fluctuations of the fascial fetal tunic membranes and the response of the fetal internal organs to these fluctuations caused by external causes and generalizing the results of these tracking (sixth sense), this former quantum machine develops a self-study program and acquires all the characteristics of what is called awareness! Thus originated prenatal awareness and its specific prenatal perception with its response to the perception of external stimuli. Further, prenatal awareness extends its activity to the ever-increasing bio-hologram by connecting to the mechanism of the biological feedback, to the holographic genome, to the holographic duplicates of the nervous system.

Through them, immediately after birth, information from the sensory organs of the infant falls into the appropriate part of prenatal awareness, forming a new bio-hologram department - ordinary awareness. It integrates information from the senses into a single, holographically accurate image of the three-dimensional objective world in which the baby's body is located. It is a world of forms, built up by ordinary awareness in its own space inside the entire hologram. Over time, this image is supplemented by the image of the body with which the child identifies himself, having transferred to it the sensation worked out by prenatal awareness. The latter perceives the world too but in its own special way. It is usually called “the sixth sense” - the sense of the space of the very forms of the visible 3-dimensional world (the perception of the field). But this feeling is blocked by the intensity of ordinary perception.

Therefore, the child, feeling his own body as a live space, does not feel the perceived world as a live space and settles a boundary, separating himself as the body from the surrounding world. In this way ordinary awareness begins to build the "I" and its mobile part - attention, thus forming subject-object relations between the "I" and the world, fixing the "I" as a subjective pole of these relations, but the perceived visible 3-dimensional world – as the object pole of relations. And further, it connects the formed subject-object space ("I" and the perceived world) to the informational bio-feedback of bio-hologram. In such a way the somatic genome takes an opportunity of a specific response to current events (the form of objects) or the predicted events (the space of the forms of objects, i.e. the field). The intensity of the functioning of these mechanisms deprives us of the opportunity to see ourselves as a bio-hologram. The "I" is an idea of self, based on the identity of self and body. It is experienced as absolutely trustworthy, indubitable.

The “I” and attention are situated inside a holographically exact copy of the physical world (image of the world) created by ordinary awareness. Over time, the "I" and attention supplement it with various mental details and emotional experiences, turning it into a full-fledged habitual visible 3-dimensional world in which the child lives his entire life without even realizing that this miracle is created by ordinary awareness for its convenience to control the physical body in the physical world. The managerial process is carried out in the bio-hologram (the quantum level of matter organization), and managerial commands are only conveyed to the body for execution. From the body (macro level of matter organization), the world perception is transmitted to the bio-hologram. In this constant two-way informational process, all the mechanisms of both the bio-hologram and the physical body are involved; and the brain plays the only role of a non-inertial switch of this exchange.

Exploring the world, the child realizes it. Awareness is a selective search for tasks and their possible solutions in the process of perception, where the adequacy and speed of the decision depend on the context, posing conditions, and on the level of activation and joint involvement of ordinary and prenatal awareness in this process.

Awareness takes the form in accordance with the communication system developed by the child. The human communication system is called "speech." The child starts to master the speech with its articulatory part - the mother tongue. Mastering speech as a form of existence of awareness, the child begins to form an object-semantic landscape. It is worked out in the process of naming - assigning names to all perceived objects and to their relations, fixing their semantic identity with emotional-associative experiences - while forming the memory of ordinary awareness.

The object-semantic landscape is a special active part of memory, which is constantly associated with perception and eventually becomes an integral part of it. The object-semantic landscape is a correspondence of sensory information and its semantic designation, which every child develops in the process of speech mastering. The object-semantic landscape becomes a generator of thoughts, which in the future can be integrated into concepts, forming a mechanism of dynamic semantic correspondence with current perceptions - recognition and evaluation. This is the beginning of the foundation of thinking and understanding of the world.

Further between the awareness of oneself as a body and the objective world, subject-object relations are established. The "I" and attention become the manager of a fully formed object-semantic landscape. Later the child cognizes any perceived object in a way of momentary finding its definition or image in the object-semantic landscape, with the subsequent recognition and evaluation of this recognition. In adults, the accuracy of this cognition mechanism is limited by the worldview, the accumulated subconscious programs, and personal value system. Their interaction in the process of life works out a program of management of awareness - attention. Attention is manifested as a force that determines in each moment the direction of individual perception and the qualitative depth of understanding.

Understanding is a transition of the result of awareness into knowledge - the patent storage of our memory. The effectiveness of understanding is determined by the level of integration of ordinary and prenatal awareness - the degree of their integrity. Perfect integrity, ideally, allows you, perceiving any object, instantly transform this perception into understanding, into an adequate knowledge of the tasks posed. Thus we realize our specific cognitive intent, the vector of which is directed to infinity. Growing up, the majority of people stops moving along this vector, being consumed by the hustle and bustle of already known relationships. There are many reasons for this, one of which - we project into the future our constant forecast of what will happen to the world of forms, including ourselves as a body, and then experience again this predicted virtuality as reality. In fact, we begin to live in this illusion, constantly correcting it with what has already happened. In this space, in principle, there is no new cognition (and happiness). However, this regime of inferior perception still leaves an opportunity to return to the naturally embedded mode of perception of infinite cognition. Since an accessible algorithm for this return is found. This algorithm is called "Adequate Self-Regulation."

For a more accurate understanding, we can compare our ordinary and prenatal awareness with two independent, but coordinated holographic bio-quantum computers, which have only a basic software. The analogy is appropriate. Mastering speech in the early childhood, we learn our natural programming language. And then a problem arises: we do not know the basics of our self-programming, and the life starts programming us. This is not a very good decision - it does not bring understanding (happiness).

With the advent of Adequate Self-Regulation, the situation has changed sharply - we got access to our own self-programming. This is a multifunctional methodology for self-regulation. One of its main purposes is to solve the main challenge of the upcoming era of artificial intelligence - to help unlock the creative potential of each person. Since any spoken or heard word, evaluation or thought, which is experienced, affects the body. The work of Mathôt, S., Grainger, J., & Strijkers, K. (2017) “Pupillary Responses to Words That Convey a Sense of Brightness or Darkness” (Psychological Science, First published June-14-2017, doi:10.1177/0956797617702699 proofs the impact of ordinary words on the body.

The word can affect the sensory predetermination of our psychophysiology as effectively as the natural stimuli. Moreover, the word is able to prepare the body for various stresses and ordeals, provided that it is pronounced in the space of controlled inspiration since it is an amplifier of the word impact. The mastery of self-programming opens infinite opportunities. The first big result is that we create a program that integrates the functions of our two “quantum computers” into one single “hyper-quantum computer” with a new superpower and ultra-speed. And this changes everything, there appears a new perception, a new understanding, a new constant experience of unity - a new level of awareness.

Of course, the model of the psychics and awareness is only a general sketch of those hidden deep mechanisms that determine us and our life. The main thing is to show the right direction of the cognition movement. Where the development of the Adequate Self-regulation is only the first milestone of this endless movement.

The efficiency of Adequate self-regulation can be scientifically corroborated by the results of epigenetics (Dr. Moshe Szyf, McGill University, Canada). Thus, in experiments on animals, caring mothers with their "caring actions" have activated kid’s genes, contributing to their physical and social survival. The effect of controlled inspiration and guiding text in Adequate Self-regulation is analogous to the "a

ction of care" in the experiments of epigenetics. It affects the genome similarly, preparing the body biochemistry to meet any external influences with an effective and constructive response, to maintain psycho-emotional stability, to use this influence for its own good, always moving towards a higher level of awareness.

Thus, the live bio-hologram as a new scientific paradigm serves a reliable basis not only for the newest methodology of psychological self-regulation but can be used for the development of psychology as a science.

“Live Hologram” is a holistic model of human psychophysiology. It is based on the results of modern scientific research of many scientific disciplines. Their consistent analysis and subsequent synthesis allowed to create a new, generalized point of view on the nature, functioning, and tasks of a human. From this position, many previously unclear phenomena are explained, new perspectives for the further development of knowledge about human and the universe are opened.