Model of Awareness

The information content of the bio-hologram differentiates and complicates parallel to development and formation of the body, existing inside the bio-hologram as a dynamic, every moment renewed, but not disappeared, accurate information cast of the biochemical and biophysical processes and phenomena that cause and accompany these growth and formation. Thus formed an information genome.

From the beginning of mitosis, cyclic dynamics of overlapping of information casts of dividing cells is the basis of the appearance of biofeedback mechanism. It consists of a principle of a simple comparison when the cell hologram after division is overlaid to a cell hologram before division. The result of this comparison-blending is read by somatic genome of a new cell and a necessary correction followed it. This process of a comparison of cell holograms is carried out by an informational-holographic mechanism, copied from somatic cell division.

Its work is similar to the quantum machines. Indeed, “the process of the doubling of the DNA molecule takes 20 minutes. DNA has 300000 spiral turns; in the replication process, it must be untwisted at 125 revolutions per second and still perform a very precise set of biochemical reactions. It seems incredible. Explanation of this incredible is in the quantum machine. If the classical machine operates with N cells, the quantum machine will work with 2 to the power N at the same time, since all the cells are in superposition. In this way, an exponential capacity growth is derived”. (Manin Y.I. Calculable and Incalculable). Moreover, all the sets of values will be processed at the same time, and the process of finding of the result passes with the criterion of optimality, i.e., harmony.

This quantum machine, being a basis of a biofeedback mechanism, provides the cellular comparison in a space of mitosis. Since the beginning of the functioning of the internal organs of the fetus appears the similar new quantum machine. It begins to compare the concentration of nutrients coming from the mother to the fetus not only in space, in quantity, but also in time – carrying out a forecast of available nutrients. Thus, this new quantum machine begins to function as a full-fledged quantum computer with the new developed program of function of self-programming. Such a quantum computer is a basic prenatal awareness. This way the foundations of perception and its control are laid.

After birth, there is a further differentiation and complexity of that part of the bio-hologram, inside which continuously operates this quantum computer by replacing the information about the nutrients concentration with information coming from the sensory organs. Speaking in metaphors, the birth splits this computer into 2 new quantum computers: prenatal awareness and ordinary awareness.

Ordinary awareness has access to perception, prenatal – has not. However, they share mastering the perception, the language, the social matrix. On this basis, they build object-semantic landscape, the perceived image of himself and his experienced emotional content – the state of "the Self". Conferring “the Self" illusion of the owner of the created space, they leave him a direct contact only with that part of ordinary awareness-attention, which serves him and an object-semantic landscape. Since then, “the Self" is "cognizing" the visual objective 3-dimensional world in a highly truncated mode, not even suspecting about his bio-holographic, quantum- computing nature and its potential.

The process of such "cognition" consists of

* the movement of “the Self" along the object-semantic landscape,

* recognition – when the seen is correlated with already been explored  object-semantic landscape being stored in the memory and corresponding to it;

* associative-target switch,

* the search and execution of programs of achieving the target (from a long list of already established) in accordance with the moment.

Ordinary awareness functions are:

•    perception of the visible world of objects,

•     estimation of perceived (according to previously internalized object, language, and social matrices) and decision-making,

•    the conscious control of bodily functions.

Prenatal awareness functions consist of continuous maintenance of ordinary awareness in such a way that the ordinary awareness does not even guess about its existence: bodily functions control in a mode of habitual actions and in extreme conditions, in dreams, connection the ordinary awareness with deep divisions of the bio-hologram and genome, the answers to ordinary awareness questions beyond the language matrice. The latter aspect of the functioning of prenatal awareness is a job, which is reduced to a very rapid calculation of the exponentially growing number of answer choices. Ordinary awareness cannot do that. However, under certain conditions, they operate together as a united hyper-quantum computer. Achieving such a mode known as increased awareness, or the achievement of a holistic awareness. Also it is called inspiration.

Inspiration is the basis of creativity, which produces the result in the form of an answer to a question like "eureka!" moment, epiphany.

Epiphany is the answer which must be read immediately and completely by ordinary awareness with guessing the details in entire harmony with the logic of the answer. This happens when the holistic awareness puts the question, and prenatal awareness responds to it by translating the meaning of the question in the feeling and then transferring it to the mechanism of biofeedback. It, in its turn, transmits the feeling of meaning to a holographic genome that, having made the necessary changes, transmits a sense of meaning to a somatic genome. The latter gives a command to make the necessary somatic changes for the implementation of target response. This change is read by the holographic genome and is passed through biofeedback to prenatal awareness, which received this response to its meaningful message, organizes the response as a quantum computer, using all the information about the objective world, receiving from ordinary awareness. That is, all available in the bio-hologram information is totally used to produce a response.

In such a way, specific behavioral, emotional and mental programs tried and tested. They may master deliberately and systemically – using Adequate Self-regulation.

On the other hand, non-consciously, for example, in a state of strong emotional experience, the mechanism of interaction between prenatal and ordinary awareness can also move in a holistic mode of operation. So, in the life of every adult, developed various programs, most of them negative. Their set forms a separate space, which is called the subconscious. It is directly linked to prenatal awareness.

A researcher should consider the human body as something raised in the material world. Through the body, which grown by the somatic genome, environment, and bio-hologram, awareness perceives and recognizes the 3-dimensional world of objects, and rules the body in this world, being at the same time an integral part of the bio-hologram.

Adequate Self-regulation is a way to neutralize the negative programs and a method of transfer a holistic awareness to the normal "working" mode that unlocks the full potential of human capabilities, including the prospect of non-destruction of a holistic awareness (immortality).