The New Paradigm of Psychology

New knowledge about human is represented by the latest model of psychophysiology. Its basic clause is:  a body, an organism is positioned in the macrocosm (visible 3-dimensional world). A psychic, which is a bio-hologram with all its mechanisms - such as perception, assessment of perception, memory, and perception-response, is in the microcosm (the quantum world). Accordingly, the main function of the brain is to serve as a switch and a transformer for the information coming from the sensory organs into the psychics and to receive control commands from psychics to the body.

In fact, the new model is the latest scientific paradigm called upon to replace the old one: the conscious - subconscious - the unconscious, which is the strongest brake on the further development of psychology as a science.

And a new paradigm is already working - on its basis created, tested and already operates effectively psycho-technology “Adequate Self-regulation”.