Viacheslav Goncharenko is the author of the theory and practice of "Adequate Self-Regulation".

Inga Goncharenko is an author of Step 3 of the ASR.


I, Viacheslav Goncharenko, was born in 1950 in a family of teachers in the city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Since childhood, I had a desire to learn. I was looking for answers to fundamental questions about the basics of nature and human life to alleviate the suffering of people and getting them rid of diseases.

However, neither the study of all available scientific, religious and mystical literature nor 3 years at the Medical University, have given a solution.

I honed practical methods of social psychology, working as an instructor in the groups of mountain-hiking tourism in the Carpathians.  I worked as a professional diver and rescue diver, graduated from the university with a degree in economics and psychology. Then leadership positions in the field of recreation, foreign economic activity. 

I mastered all the basic methods of self-knowledge and self-improvement and became familiar with them. All this time, there was steady progress towards the answers to the questions initially posed. Models were developed, tested practically, new and new scientific information and experimental materials were added.

I regularly conducted individual psychological counselling. For the systematization and development of the accumulated data, I have founded a Non-Government organization "The Master", in the framework of which about 50 analytical and scientific articles were published. And most importantly, there obtained the answers to the initial questions about the fundamentals and nature of the human psyche (see the "Theory" section).

I am a psychologist, a member of APS, who has many years of experience in helping people. However, providing individual assistance does not encompass even a small part of those in need. Therefore, I set a goal to help everyone! It took years and decades. Now there is a result - the technology "Adequate Self-Regulation", and I am happy to help everyone.