The new findings of the Dortmund Laboratory

21-Jun 2019   |   Blog

The new findings scientific studies have shown that creativity depends on the ability of the person to successfully engage in distal simulations. In other words (from the point of view of the ASR), from the ability to use in perception the sensation and experience of a multidimensional reality.

The new findings of the Dortmund Laboratory of Social Neuroscience and Princeton University confirm the need to master the Adequate Self-Regulation (the ASR). These studies have shown that the creative potential of a person depends on the ability to successfully engage in distal simulations. In other words (from the point of view of the ASR), from the ability of a person to use in his perception the sensation and experience of a multidimensional reality.

The cerebral representation of distal simulations is tracked for individuals known as creative experts by observing a special neural mechanism — the dorsomedial subsystem of the default network. The conclusion of scientists is unequivocal: people who engage exactly this subsystem have the gift of creativity. For the absolute majority of other people, this subsystem does not work.

In the ASR, to this conclusion was added the next: after birth and before the development of speech, each child has a working 6th sense - the ability to sense multidimensional reality. That is, all systems of brain distal modelling are involved in solving the problems of cognizing the world and its creative understanding. Speech development turns off the dorsomedial subsystem of the default network, leaving only medial prefrontal cortex (non-creative) to function. This puts into sleep mode the 6th sense in the absolute majority of children. But the minority still has both mental systems involved, and thus, the 6th sense remains functioning. However, its work switches from the sensation of multidimensional reality to the sensation of the meaning of words – the translation of incoming semantic information into 3-dimensional images with their subsequent experience (what is called the mechanism of imagination). This mechanism works in the space of a 3-dimensional space and is subject to its laws. It serves as a restraint for the further evolutionary development of consciousness.

The step-by-step mastering of the ASR integrates the mechanisms of consciousness, activates the 6th sense and thus removes the limiter of the evolutionary development of consciousness. And as a sideline, it turns on the dorsomedial subsystem of the default network, that is, it restores the possibility of realizing the human creative potential. And further integration of consciousness completes the transition of consciousness to its new, higher level. Thus, the restoration of the natural creative potential of an individual in the process of mastering the ASR is one of the components of the new level of consciousness.

And finally, a social argument in favour of the immediate development of Adequate Self-regulation. In 10-15 years, the results of genetic engineering will allow selectively manipulating the genome, creating the necessary qualities of health, intelligence, creativity, longevity, and possibly a new, higher level of consciousness in certain people. In our market civilization, it is not difficult to guess who will possess these supernormal abilities. History can make a somersault, and a small group of super-rich people will become the elite of mankind, another small group of people will serve them, and the majority will be given the role of living genetic material in an organ factory for an ageing elite. Moreover, this absolute majority will be happy in its own way: everyone, living in their own individual virtual reality, will constantly experience the state of fulfilment of any desire. Thus, humanity at a new, higher stage of its technocratic power, can return to the already historically passed caste socio-political structure of society, although it is already on the scale of the planet.

Of course, the above is one of the many negative scenarios for the not-so-distant future. There is an equal number of absolutely positive scenarios. And at the heart of each of them is the enhancing of personal consciousness. Now the positive scenario for the majority of people is the possibility of mastering of the Adequate Self-regulation, with further adjustment of their lives from the position of a higher level of consciousness and with horizontal links with people who have already mastered the ASR.

I want to believe that when the critical mass of people who have mastered the ASR is reached, then the possibility of further development of democracy itself will open up, reaching a level of higher interstate integration aimed at solving super-actual problems of humanity, which can be solved only by joint efforts. For example, the threat of mutual destruction (thermonuclear war), climate, environmental and other planetary problems. In the meantime ... for now, only those who had mastered the ASR faster than others and use practically their higher consciousness in achieving personal goals, have the priority to change their lives for the better.