How to End the Era of Suffering

09-Jul 2019   |   Blog

The technology how to stop personal suffering.

Consciousness is the content and expression of all the cognitive characteristics of a human. They all manifest through consciousness. These are intuition, creativity, intelligence, etc. Therefore, it is said that consciousness is a universal characteristic of a human. Hence, the strengthening of consciousness, its transfer to a new, higher level is a new, higher quality of intuition, creative abilities, intellect.

A new, higher level of consciousness is a transition from the space of suffering to the space of happiness, from depression to the space of stress tolerance and emotional stability. Because with the discovery of mechanisms of self-programming, intuition, the sixth sense, the control imagination, it became possible to use not only a new way of cognition based on the joint work of these mechanisms but also the opportunity to incorporate the results of this cognition in the building of your new world outlook.

In such a way, an algorithm for the further evolutionary development of consciousness was created, which became the basis of the technology "Adequate Self-Regulation" (ASR). The addition of simplified methods of learning made the ASR a universal and accessible tool with which everyone can step-by-step reach their new, higher level of consciousness and realize their evolutionary intent.

The evolutionary intent of the Homo Sapiens species is the specific need for the further development of consciousness. Individual intent is the need to implement one or another way of life. 
The mastering of Adequate Self-regulation (implementation of evolutionary intent) makes possible the conscious realization of the individual intent – the best scenario of one’s own life. This is the deliverance from suffering and the attainment of a background experience of happiness. This is how the era of suffering ends.