Sleep and Lucid Dreams

12-Oct 2016   |   Blog

Causative consciousness is a high-cost energy mechanism of body control. In accordance with the natural rhythms, it restores its energy potential cyclically. This state is called sleep. So, sleep is a state of recovery of the energy potential of causative consciousness. During this time, the prenatal consciousness solves the problems raised by causative consciousness at different times.

the causative consciousness links prenatal consciousness answers, which received in each phase of "rapid" sleep, with the logic of its objective-semantic landscape in the whole picture - a dream. The energy potential of prenatal consciousness at this time is higher than the causative one. Therefore, after waking,  the causative consciousness experiences and remembers the products of co-creativity.

The mechanism of a dream is similar to the process of inspiration in the wake. But the lucid dream itself is the result of this unconscious inspiration. It can be made conscious.

Conclusion: learning to set consciously the parameters of sleep and lucid dream through Adequate Self-regulation, each person is able to greatly increase his creative, intuitive and intellectual potential in wakefulness.