Victory over Depression

26-Nov 2016   |   Blog

We come into this world not for the realization of our desires, but for the development of personal consciousness. Every reader of these lines already has a certain level of his development. This is obvious because even to determine your wishes requires the presence of consciousness. It is also clear that all people have consciousness. The quality of personal life directly correlates with the level of consciousness. In other words, there exists a motive of development, at least for purposes of survival. It is easy to conclude: our human nature has predetermination on the development of consciousness.

Here the question arises: “Why are so few truly happy people, so few people with really a high level of consciousness?” And this is despite many humans purposefully engaged in it? After all, any training is a form of development of mindfulness. So why?

Adequate Self-regulation answers all these questions from the view of the newest scientific model of the psyche, scientific definition of consciousness, the path of its development and the basic statement: individual consciousness develops naturally by personal life process. (View section “Theory”).

In its development, consciousness passes a series of crisis periods. Their passage usually gives inner conflicts as a bargain. From their consequences (guilt, fear, resentment, etc.) formed a subconscious program of self-destruction as a generalized personal self-esteem. This deeply hidden from the consciousness program of actions against oneself or other people can be activated by situation caused by multiple overlapping circumstances. Such overlapping is a rare and unique phenomenon, but another negative aspect of the manifestations of self-destruction program is not rare. The presence of this program undermines an individual's health from the "inside” because of unconscious influence on a genome, which awards the body one or another disease, while consciousness stops in its development, running away from the hidden pain and despair. The presence of a self-destruct program is perceptibly experienced as a loss of meaning in life (depression).

We can confidently say that the history of every human life is the history of the emergence, growth and degradation of consciousness. Where degradation is a natural consequence of the lack of necessary correction in every crisis and post-crisis periods of the formation of human consciousness.

However, there is a good news that Adequate Self-regulation has a practical value as a tool for acquiring qualities and characteristics, which are in need for a person. Moreover, the method of their attainment is exactly the same as for a total transformation of self-destruction program and for the further development of consciousness in practicing Adequate Self-regulation. It makes possible for consciousness to operate on a more efficient and productive level through producing such a strong positive mood, which forms upbuilding thinking and learns to enjoy obstacles giving the power to search, find and implement ways to overcome them. Also to share with others the joy, feeling empathy (empathy is an act of kindness), helping people. It opens the way to free creative search activity, which means a constant focus not just on the result, but also on better and better result.

Adequate Self-regulation returns the natural direction and the ability of an infinite future development to consciousness, forms a constant background optimism. Most people need the Adequate Self-regulation, and such a practice is a conscious attitude of the individual to his own psyche, health and destiny.