If you want happiness, do master the ASR!

21-Apr 2019   |   Blog

Those who have risen to a new, higher level of their consciousness will be able to effectively arrange their lives.

I was thinking about how to write the 1st post about my updated website humanpathway.com and its informational content – the unique technology "Adequate Self-Regulation" (ASR). The only thing that comes to mind is the analogy with a person who after many years of blindness suddenly saw the light. So, those, who had mastered the ASR (which is not difficult at all),  begin to see: the world appears as a unity of previously invisible patterns, causal relationships, which are felt and experienced as the endless joy of discoveries, prospects of endless accomplishments. A colourful, bright and loving world – an enduring miracle of being.

This lasting joy of being is gifted by the ASR, which is the technology of further evolutionary development of human consciousness. Acquisition of "Adequate Self-Regulation" is accessible to everyone. And it augurs well for our fair further and happy existence in this beautiful world. Because people, who have risen to a new, higher level of their consciousness, will be able to effectively arrange their lives: positively solve all their individual problems and achieve all their personal goals. They would be able to truly protect and transform our planet so that it really becomes a kindred and beloved house for all.

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