The dictionary is not made alphabetically but according to the semantic principle. Definitions are arranged side by side so as to create a whole semantic field.



Bio-hologram. The physical carrier of the psyche is constantly becoming more complex and self-organizing bio-hologram. It arises as a result of the fusion of parental DNA, the formation of the genome, zygote, and subsequent mitosis, which are accompanied by microwave electromagnetic radiation in the form of standing waves - solitons. Theoretically, a soliton can exist forever. Having arisen, it no longer requires energetic feeding for its existence in the future. The total set of constantly renewing, but not disappearing solitons forms a stable interference pattern – a bio- hologram. Its informational content is human psyche. It represents the entire information about what occurred with the physical body from conception to death. Plus, the work of all specialized departments that have arisen due to internal self-organization (prenatal consciousness, causative consciousness, current consciousness and other functional entities).



Death is the termination of adding new information to the information content of a bio-hologram.

Prenatal consciousness is the primary consciousness that arises in the prenatal period, embodying the principle of subject-object interaction (the perceiver and the perceived). 

Causative consciousness - the area of prenatal consciousness, receiving complete autonomy immediately after birth, organizing the content of subject-object relationships. Causative consciousness constructs perception (3-D objective world) and the perceiver of this world - current consciousness, attention, and the "I". 

Individual priority proto-form is a universal visual pattern created by prenatal and causative consciousnesses for adequate adjustment of visual perception in an infant after birth. 

Understanding is the translation of the result of consciousness into knowledge - the “patent” storage of our memory. The effectiveness of understanding is determined by the level of integration of causative and prenatal consciousness - the degree of their integrity. Perfect integrity, ideally, allows, perceiving any object, to instantly transform this perception into understanding - into adequate knowledge of the tasks set. 

Current consciousness is a process, a joint work of mindfulness, awareness consciousness. A non-verbal sensation of current perception, a conversion it into an understanding, emotional experience of the received understanding in the context of personal world outlook, which gives an assessment of what is happening at the output. Then the “I” verbally experiences this assessment.

Controlled inspiration is a state whereby a portal in the form of holistic consciousness is temporarily opened between the prenatal and causative consciousnesses. In this state a practitioner listens, visualizes and experiences guiding texts). 

Holistic consciousness is the integration of prenatal and causative consciousnesses, which is the basis of self-programming and intuition. The attention of causative and current consciousness is transformed into the attention of the holistic consciousness - the will. Thus, holistic consciousness includes: prenatal, causative, current consciousness, the “I” and the will, with the priority of the “I” as the self-conscious and decision-making part of holistic consciousness. Holistic consciousness has autonomy and the ability to move inside and outside the bio-hologram. 

Integrated consciousness is the result of the development of the ASR, a new higher level of consciousness. This level is characterized by: 1) the integration of holistic consciousness with the mechanisms of intelligence, intuition and the sixth sense in the space of the all-inclusive context of the world outlook; 2) practical application of integrated consciousness in everyday life; 3) the main criterion for achieving a new level of consciousness is the state of the background experience of unity (happiness), the vision of previously hidden causal relationships and the ability to always make the right choice: mentally - to take the necessary decisions; physically - to act with the body without possible injury, even in the most extreme conditions.

Will is the power of desire in the usual utilitarian sense. In the system of Adequate Self-regulation, the will is the attention of holistic consciousness.

The I - a constant emotional and sensual self-experiencing of myself as a perceiver of the world and the ruler of the body in the world, supported by the constant context of my own bodily sensation.

Mindfulness is a non-verbal and non-textual process of sensing the current perception.

Awareness - an assessment of what is happening.

Consciousness - the state of thinking on the current perception in the context of a personal worldview. Consciousness is the process of constant self-identification of oneself in the world with a selective search for tasks and finding their possible solutions in the process of perception. Where the adequacy and speed of the decision depend on the context, the conditions of setting the tasks, the level of activation and joint involvement of causative and prenatal consciousness in this process.

Attention is a program of managing one’s own current consciousness developed by the process of life. Attention is manifested as a force that determines at each moment the focus of current consciousness on each specific object of perception.

Basic internal conflict is a conflict between subconscious children's programs and subconscious adult programs within the framework of the established basic program of conviction in one’s own death.

Sixth sense is the ability to selectively perceive multidimensional reality. All living beings have this ability. Anatomically, in humans, it is represented by a system of ultrathin tendon threads that permeate the entire body. Functionally, the sixth sense is a kind of antenna that perceives super-weak super-frequency radiation, coming from the "depth" of matter, resonance with which is a sensation. Feeling a multidimensional reality, we experience it as the very "power of life" – energy, the emotional component of which is experienced by us as happiness.

Intuition is the spontaneous integration of prenatal and causative consciousness, into the space of which actualized information flows.