Mindfulness. Adequate Self-Regulation

Movement to Freedom

The technology of further evolutionary development of mindfulness, which makes a person adequate, happy and effective in any activity.


The direction to freedom.

–°onsciousness is the translation of perception into understanding. Consciousness is the universal ability to be a human. It is the level of mindfulness that people differ from each other. The constant increasiing of mindfulness is the evolutionary predetermination of each person. And his mission is the realization of this predetermination in the specific circumstances of personal life. This statement is based on the novel author's discovery of the mechanisms of the psyche and all that human space, which is described in 3 different terms: consciousness, awareness and mindfulness. Knowledge of the mechanisms of the psyche and consciousness is the foundation of Adequate Self-regulation (AS).

The AS is the only methodology in the world for a transition of consciousness to its new, higher level of development by successive increasing of mindfulness.

To increase mindfulness means to obtain the non-vanishing ability to be effective in any activity.To increase mindfulness enables fast and high-quality learning of any new knowledge, any new skill. 

Nowadays the list of human needs is supplemented by another basic need - constant retraining. The labor market requires it. The AS is the universal foundation of any studying. Because, in space of the Adequate Self-regulation, learning is a natural and simple act with the revealing of the further creative application of new knowledge. So a person becomes a creator, which makes such an employee constantly in demand.

All you want to change or add to your life, you can get only by transferring mindfulness to its new, higher level. All imaginative achievements and successes of some people are the result of a short spontaneous unconscious increase of mindfulness. The Adequate Self-regulation is an algorithm for achieving a permanent, conscious, targeted increase of mindfulness. The range of possible changes due to enhanced mindfulness is given below:

Until recently, there was no such a method or system.

Grounds of Adequate Self-Regulation

  1. For the first time in history, a model of the human psyche (soul) has been created. The origin and operation of the mechanism of mindfulness are given here.
  2. There discovered conditions (controlled inspiration), in which the word, told to yourself, can be transformed into a full-fledged subconscious program. The secret of faith (the placebo mechanism) is revealed.
  3. There described methods to enhance mindfulness in the direction of natural evolutionary development.
  4. Our psychological model, together with our cosmological model, served as the basis for a new, all-explaining scientific paradigm.
  5. The Adequate Self-Regulation system was successfully tested and its effectiveness has been confirmed practically many times.

In nature, there is no statics. Degradation of consciousness is the absence of a process of mindfulness increasing. Alzheimer's syndrome is an example. The AS serves to prevent this disease. The AS also prevents depression - long psychosomatic bodily reaction to distress as a paradoxical personal reaction to the life challenges.

The AS has nothing in common with medical services. Nevertheless, the AS is a highly effective means of preventing and promoting health.

It's surprisingly easy to master the Adequate Self-Regulation. It requires the only thing - your constancy in regular development, which has no any extremes and threats. It is the working out of cognitive and behavioral programs with their further implementation in everyday life.

The Principle of Each Step Mastering

In the space of controlled inspiration, you listen to, visualize and experience the guiding text. This procedure is called "meditation". We recommend meditations for about 20 minutes while you are lying in bed, twice a day: at night before sleeping and in the morning after waking up; for 3 (or more) days to master the steps 1-3, for 4 days for steps 4-6. If this regime is not possible, you can do your meditation once a day at any time for 6 days.

The Principle of Each Step Fixing

In the interval between day and evening meditations, doing your usual everyday activities, you remember and apply the power of the intent of the guiding text.

Six steps of the AS is the progressive development of yourself and your world view. Whether should you wait up?  Whether should you wait up?


Cost of Adequate Self-Regulation

The 1st basic step is free. Steps 2-6 together is $90.

The practical result of the AS mastering is a fundamental positive change in life.

The Adequate Self-Regulation Can be the Basis of a New Education System
In the AS, you will know what the psyche, mindfulness, thought, the sixth sense, the meaning of life is. You will learn to correlate your action with thought, desire, and purpose. You will learn to relate harmoniously long-term and short-term goals; will learn not to be driven by fate, but to manage and build your destiny consciously. And will get those results you already read about. Because mastering the six steps is, by and large, a harmonious integration of knowledge about oneself and the world. Using this knowledge, you achieve a new, higher level of mindfulness, with the subsequent realization of personal goals in a harmonious unity with multidimensional reality. Such a work of consciousness is experienced by a person as a state of unity - happiness. In it, a person is able to perform only ethical actions. Therefore, the AS can be considered as a unique system of personal development. All above-mentioned makes the AS a ready-made base for a new education system.

Before mastering the AS, be sure to read carefully the “Theory” section, which explains the principles of mindfulness development. And have a look into the "Glossary" with definitions of the new terms used on the site.

Step by Step Sequence of Development

In step 1, first, master the method of controlled inspiration. Controlled inspiration is a state whereby you open a temporarily portal between prenatal and causative consciousness in the form of a holistic consciousness, in which you listen to, visualize, and experience guiding texts. This is a meditation, which is a specific algorithm for creating conditions for the transformation of the guiding text into new positive subconscious programs. The practice of implementing these new programs in everyday life is an enhanced mindfulness.

Mastering controlled inspiration occurs in two stages:
 1) detect an individual priority proto-form;
 2) with the bodily sensation of the individual priority proto-form (the sensation of joy) you open a portal connecting causative and prenatal consciousness. This state is the space of controlled inspiration, in which you listen to / pronounce guiding texts of meditations.

Further, in the space of controlled inspiration, two new cognitive behavioural programs are developed. The first affirms the background state of joy and optimism, the second is aimed at the prevention and promotion of health.

The core of the 2nd step is a program isolating and transforming various dependencies. With the development of the 2nd step, positive trends are becoming more tangible, and they require a new generalized view.

The 3rd step gives such a view as consideration of facts, events, concepts from a more inclusive, generalized position. Then, practising the ability to generalize, you acquire the method of mastering any new knowledge. This allows, in a new way, from a holistic position, to evaluate what is to be studied, to reveal the hidden, to define the false, to overestimate the incomprehensible, to establish further cognition. And most importantly, quickly and effectively master any new knowledge.

The 4th step, along with a qualitatively new level of total personal positive changes, ends with general preparation (as a result of strengthening) to reach a new level of development of mindfulness.

Enough of a little further effort and ... it happens in the 5th step! There appeared new qualities, properties and abilities, new opportunities. The most important of which is the fundamental addition to the previously mastered steps - the understanding the worldview context. Having formed a holistic attention – the will, and has made a virtual journey of the will through spaces of higher

opened innovation and the experience of all-inclusive unity - happiness

The 6th step is the final step in which a new worldview is formed, opening the prospect of endless possibilities. And then, constantly practising a new vision, you realize these possibilities practically, make irreversible all the positive qualities of a new, higher level of mindfulness. And most importantly! As a result, with the help of this new knowledge, you master the spaces of more inclusive (high) dimensions - a guarantee of the preservation and further development of your own mindfulness.

A special feature of the acquisition of the Adequate Self-regulation is the form of self-study offered to you as an expression of a kind of pedagogical tolerance and deepest respect - everyone can take from the development of the AS what he wants without the author’s position pressure. However, remaining within the framework of the AS algorithm. We are all different, with a different perception, sensitivity, understanding. For those who want more, the seventh step is possible in the future.
Independent mastering means that you:

It is important to know the goal of mastering— your new level of consciousness, which is felt as a state of new universal cognitive ability. It is characterized by a constant background experience of unity (happiness), new depth and speed of understanding, and ideally - the removal of the distinction between perception and understanding - the vision of the essence of everything (looked - and instantly understood the person, the situation, the problem and the way to adequately address it).

Gradually mastering the AS, you form your new tools of cognition. And through the prism of a new vision, you will know yourself and the world more deeply. Where the Adequate Self-regulation is only your spiritual adviser. Your personal spiritual teacher is your everyday life, in which you discover the endless wonders of the world.


Gradually mastering the AS, you form your new tools of cognition. And through the prism of a new vision, you will know yourself and the world more deeply. Where the Adequate Self-regulation is only your spiritual adviser; and your personal spiritual teacher is your everyday life, in which you discover the endless wonders of the world.

For reading and mastering the base of the Adequate Self-regulation, that is Step1, press the green button “Free Preliminary Lesson”. 

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Neutralization the deep subconscious program of self-destruction and its corollaries - depression and psychogenic allergy

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