Mindfulness. Adequate Self-Regulation

Movement to Freedom

Adequate Self-regulation is a technology to increase awareness using controlled achievement of inspiration.
It allows to reach those personal goals that were previously unattainable in principle, including immortality. Technology bases on the newest scientific model of the human psyche.


The direction to freedom.

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Adequate Self-regulation is an accessible methodology for the further development of awareness - its constant strengthening. With its help, everyone can realize independently the infinite potential of his understanding and radically change his life for the better. Because for the first time, not only was received an objective answer about the meaning of human life in general (what is life and why we live) but in particular, the methodology for its implementation has been developed and tested. Where during practical mastering, the necessary new positive abilities are acquired and new opportunities are opened to achieve this global personal goal, the very implementation of which makes us really happy. Literally, all new possibilities open up! Including personal finance – the opportunity to win the competition in business, on the labor market – to get the desired high-payed job, etc. In any sphere of human activity – science, art, sport, everyday life and personal life – to have success.

This opportunity has become real thanks to three major discoveries.

The first breakthrough – in the field of psychology – is getting answers to the questions: what is the psyche and the awareness, how they work, what are their mechanisms and application possibilities. And the main knowledge – the very opportunity of an infinite increase in awareness naturally is inherent in its structure.

This knowledge shows the need for further development of awareness – its enhancement, and permits to create a method and its main element – the guiding text.

The second breakthrough is in the understanding of inspiration as a limited-in-time action of increased awareness. Its result we call “intuition” in everyday life.

The third breakthrough in the field of human psychophysiology is the creation of a model of the sixth sense organ and understanding of the mechanism of its work. Then elaboration of a natural mode of conscious entering into a state of inspiration.

The synthesis of these three discoveries laid the foundation for the methodology of increasing awareness – that is a controlled inspiration.

Reading-out and experiencing the guiding text in the space of inspiration provides the mastering and further implementation of a program to enhance individual awareness with the possibility to achieve its new, higher level (new positive qualities and abilities that open up new opportunities). At the same time, it develops the ability to control attention, strengthening cognitive functions (memory, analysis, synthesis).

Due to prolonged approbation, Adequate Self-regulation becomes perfect: simple, efficient and safe.

Mastering the Adequate Self-regulation, a practitioner develops new, vital qualities, properties, abilities and effectively neutralizes, transforms and disposes of disturbing destructive ones.

With the help of Adequate Self-regulation, after making a minimal effort to master it, you can:

• achieve a stable stress resistance;

• get rid of anxiety, fatigue, depression; achieve a background state of confidence, joy and optimism;

• get rid of various addictions;

• intensify understanding, memory, intellectual activity and ability to study, increase the speed of foreign languages learning;

• increase intuition and creativity;

• reach the new level of awareness development.

Mastering the Adequate Self-regulation provides an adequate world perception and understanding, renews the development of personal awareness - its increasing towards infinite possibilities that opened up through carrying out of our cognitive presetness (intent).

Until recently, there was no such method or system, confirmed practically.

The training material is organized in 6 steps (lessons) for self-mastering. It is necessary to begin from the 1-st, basic step, and then sequentially. The structure of each step: an explanation, an instruction, a guiding text.

Achievement procedure for every step– meditation session, or meditation, – consists in active listening and pronouncing inwardly in a state of controlled inspiration the guiding text (for a certain step), previously recorded on a Dictaphone by the practitioner himself. We recommend meditations for about 20 minutes while you are lying in bed, twice a day: at night before sleeping and in the morning after waking up, for 3 (or more) days to master the step. If this regime is not possible, you can do your meditation once a day at any time for 6 days.

Meditation produces programs of behavior, states, and moods that are realized and fixed by everyday life. Methodically mastering the 6 steps of the Adequate Self-regulation, you start to discover an endless source of love and happiness.

1,2,3 lessons are free, 4,5,6 are paid.

Step 1 (lesson 1) is the necessary psycho-hygiene, the same as brushing your teeth, washing your hands. Purpose is control and management of inspiration; the pragmatic effect is the beginning of achievement of absolute stress resistance. The entire Adequate Self-regulation system (six steps) is a development of psycho-culture that is a new, more adequate view of things; pragmatic effect – to have constant success in your life affairs.

And most importantly, having reached a new level of awareness, move further along the lines of our general cognitive intent.

Adequate Self-regulation has no any similarities with the services related traditional medicine. However, Adequate Self-regulation is a highly effective means of prevention and health promotion. But it does not replace a particular medical, psychiatrical or psychological treatment.

Step 1 & 2 is the necessary mental hygiene, like brushing your teeth, washing your hands. The goal is control and management of the inspiration; pragmatic effect - constant protection from distress. The entire Adequate Self-regulation system is a development of psycho-culture that is a new, more adequate view of things; pragmatic effect – to have continued success in your life's affairs.

If you want to know why Adequate Self-regulation works, you need to be acquainted with the "Theory" section. If you want to know how the system works, then you need to read “Free Preliminary Lesson”. It is not an instruction, guiding text or interpretation. This lesson will help you understand the need for the development of the Adequate Self-regulation for each person.

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5 steps (lessons)
to consistent strengthening of awareness

Step 1 & 2

  • Control and management of inspiration. The beginning of achievement of psycho-emotional stability and a constant background state of joy and calm confidence. Prevention and promotion of health.

Step 3

  • Overcoming and getting rid of various addictions.

Step 4

  • For those who are at school, college, university:
    an increase by several times the effectiveness of any learning and understanding.


Step 5

  • Achieving holistic awareness and will. The will as the attention of holistic awareness. The experience of all-inclusive unity (total happiness). Vision and understanding of the evolutionary intent and the prospect of non-destruction of individual awareness (immortality).
Price $49

Neutralization the deep subconscious program of self-destruction and its corollaries - depression and psychogenic allergy

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