Frequently Asked Questions

Why there is no "Sign up" button on this website?

For greater speed and ease of access to course materials. After the client has filled in the Login and Password lines on the "Cart" page, an account with the same login and password is automatically created on the website. After payment you can enter your personal account by clicking Sign in > My account.

I don't care how cool your product is. It matters to me if I can become cool with it.

Yes, you can. Because the development of Adequate Self-regulation expands the concept of ourselves and the world and removes the boundaries of our capabilities enclosed in these limited concepts. This development opens up the possibility of a perception of reality as it is and, as a result, provides people with power and control over their lives. Because as the ASR is mastered, new life-approving subconscious programs are acquired simultaneously with the transformation of old life-destroying programs of the basic internal conflict. This increases the information capacity of bio-hologram and operational capabilities of consciousness and mindfulness.

How do I know that my mindfulness or consciousness has intensified?

Criteria, you become calmer, more rational, more adequate to the situation, you begin to feel the situation not just from the standpoint of your desire, but to see the situation from different points of view at the same time. You just know it. Appears unconditional knowledge, which, in fact, is called intuition. The intuitive vision of oneself and the situation experienced as a space of great positive energy - enthusiasm - this is an increase in mindfulness & consciousness. Intuition is an expansion of them.
That is, came and saw the situation clearly, and you know with 100 per cent certainty that this is quite so. You clearly know what to do. All people experienced it, but it requires the coincidence of different circumstances, which give a surge of energy. In this burst, there is a spontaneous rise, an increase in mindfulness. It can cling to some new high levels of consciousness that are not normally reached. And then you see your situation from a more generalized position - all at once, more deeply and correctly. You clearly understand your place in it regarding your own calling from the position of your own determination.
Unfortunately, here the quantitative indicator is unacceptable, although the quality is subjectively very much felt. You cease to be an egoist, you cease to experience things that are unnecessary and nasty to you, you start to treat everything differently, you change your personal value system. It becomes more adequate, you begin to understand what you did not understand before. And this understanding is adequate. You begin to understand yourself and the world, to understand not just the sequence of something, but why it happens. And if necessary, how to change this, so that the harmony of your understanding and your actions in the world will constantly increase. Such insights are accompanied by bursts of phase dopamine as you master the ASR. This is how to accumulate constant background happiness. You will learn by experience that knowledge and happiness are two sides of a single process - your constant strengthening of consciousness.

Why can't I reach my goals?

The subconscious self-realization conflict is laid as a discrepancy between the value instilled by society, the requirement to manifest it in action and the inability of the individual to carry it out with all the desire to do so. Moreover, this conflict is aggravated by the desire to demonstrate to everyone your compliance with that value. To demonstrate with all your behaviour as if you implement this value. But this is a kind of defensive reaction, a lie and a game, caused by a deeper reason - the survival instinct (deep fear of death). The presence of any internal conflict (and all of them, for the most part, have the nature of a basic conflict) blocks the possibility of further development of consciousness. Subconscious self-realization conflict is actually the basis of the formation of fate. Since any prediction before any test actualizes the presence of conflict and thereby produces in a person uncertainty and fear. Indeed, in memory, there are many living examples of their own petty failures. Produced fear blocks the achievement of any goal.
The problem of internal conflict and unlocking the possibility of further development of consciousness finds its solution in the practice of Adequate Self-regulation. A practitioner relieves the tension of internal conflict, asserting a new background state of psycho-emotional stability, then develops the ability of generalized thinking and, together with the practice of removing any dependencies, gets rid of the subconscious self-realization conflict.
From early childhood, its working out is largely due to parents' ignorance and inability to build a communication space on the model proposed by the child. Children in this period are in a state of absolute openness and experiencing unity with the perceived. The parents' duty is to reconfigure themselves so that any child's actions do not produce an experience of internal negatives (impatience, irritation, anger). The goal is to learn to feel oneness with the child in a relationship. Such resonance of unity is called love. Learning of social rules, taboos, etc. in the space of love occurs without violence and with great efficiency. But most importantly, without the concomitant creation of internal conflicts in the child. The ASR teaches the achievement of a state of unity.

What is the pre-determination of a person and how to reveal it?

Everyone is born with a talent. Its realization is the initial determination or mission. But the life circumstances can form an inadequate understanding of oneself and the world, one’s initial predestination. It is replaced by selfish understanding - personal determination. As a rule, the initial determination is replaced by personal. The realizable conflict turns out. It brings suffering. Man, through trial and error, fulfils personal quasi-determination by personal quasi-method. There is no happiness in it. The man did not fulfill the task of the universe, he suffers. To help solve this realizable conflict, the ASR appeared. Its development opens the possibility of conscious control of destiny. This means to realize your initial determination. That is happiness.
The revealing the intent of the conscious achievement ensures that no matter how circumstances change, a person will find a way (and it will be the only correct one) to incarnate the initial determination. In order to reveal it, a practitioner, having mastered the language of multidimensional reality with Adequate Self-regulation, must relate the deal that he likes doing the most with scales of meaning and states of multidimensional reality. Its impact determines events in our 3-dimensional world. And if you succeeded, and for this you only need perseverance, to make this correspondence, you have already discovered your initial determination, original assignment. And then it is quite simple: you constantly reach your goal from the position of a new, higher level of consciousness. Then you are not afraid of any circumstances. You always use them for your own benefit (the realization of the initial determination). The only condition is that your assignment is obliged to correlate with the assignment of others - to bear the benefit of all people.

How and why can Adequate Self-regulation prevent depression?

When you opened your individual priority protoform and opened a personal access code to the prenatal consciousness, then you consciously achieved inspiration and a state of holistic consciousness.
In this state, the guiding text is transformed into a powerful subconscious program, having an effective force to withstand any destabilizing influences. After all, your verbal text is translated into the language of somatic commands by your genome and fixed bodily with biochemical algorithms. Each subsequent meditation neutralizes depression and brings internal psychological protection against it. Step 6 completely and irrevocably eliminates depression and psychogenic allergy.
As a result, you get a state of quiet confidence and happiness that stress control brings. Moreover, an effective tool for self-programming, which is always at your service.
In the ASR there explained the mechanism for getting rid of depression.
A person who has not transformed his subconscious basic internal conflict and the accompanying self-realization conflict (see "Glossary"), thereby shifted, by the active influence of these subconscious conflicts, the feeling of one’s homeostasis from the equilibrium position between suffering and bliss to the area of suffering. This is how the mechanism called "depression" works.
To solve the problem of depression in the root, not in the consequences, – this means to remove the heat of suffering not temporarily with the help of drugs, but permanently, shifting the feeling of one's homeostasis from the area of suffering. First to an equilibrium position and then to a happiness position. This can be done by mastering Adequate Self-Regulation. Because in its step-by-step mastering, the practitioner first transforms the subconscious basic and self-actualizing conflicts, and then finally fixes this transformation by experiencing the corresponding context —a new, expanded world view. In general, this procedural algorithm is the strengthening of consciousness and its transition to a new, higher level. So, depression is naturally replaced by stress tolerance and psycho-emotional stability, with the simultaneous discovery of new positive properties, qualities and abilities (higher creativity, intuition and intelligence).
Based on the above, people prone to depression are a kind of jet set, who are naturally ready to transition to a new, higher level of consciousness, but who have not found a way to make this transition. People prone to depression is a jet set because everyone suffers from unresolved subconscious conflicts, but few are experiencing it so badly. Adequate Self-regulation helps them to get rid of suffering.