Adequate Self-Regulation
Movement to Freedom

The revolutionary scientific technology to achieve a new, higher level of consciousness, providing absolute priority in everything for those who have mastered it.

Consciousness is the translation of perception into understanding. Consciousness is the universal ability to be a human. It is the level of mindfulness that people differ from each other. The constant strengthening of mindfulness is the evolutionary predetermination of each person. And his mission is the realization of this predetermination in the specific circumstances of personal life. This statement is based on the novel author's discovery of the mechanisms of the psyche and all that human space, which is described in 3 different terms: consciousness, awareness and mindfulness. This discovery is the foundation of Adequate Self-regulation (ASR).

The ASR is the only methodology in the world for a transition of consciousness to a higher level by increasing mindfulness.

To increase mindfulness means to obtain the non-vanishing ability to be effective in any activity. To increase mindfulness enables fast and high-quality learning of any new knowledge, any new skill.

All you want to change or add to your life, you can get only by transferring mindfulness to its new, higher level. All imaginative achievements and successes of some people are the result of a short spontaneous unconscious increase of mindfulness. Adequate Self-regulation is an algorithm of the permanent consciously increase of mindfulness.

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The joy from achievement and success

The range of possible changes due to enhanced mindfulness is given below:

Until recently, there was no such method or system.


Mountains and Milky Way

Mountains and Milky Way

1.    For the first time in history, a model of the human psyche (soul) has been created. The origin and operation of the mechanism of mindfulness are given here. Our psychological model, together with our cosmological model, served as the basis for a new, all-explaining scientific paradigm.

2.    There discovered conditions (controlled inspiration), in which the word, told to yourself, can be transformed into a full-fledged subconscious program.

3.    There described methods to enhance mindfulness in the direction of natural evolutionary development.

4.    The Adequate Self-regulation system was successfully tested and its effectiveness has been confirmed practically many times.

In nature, there is no statics. Degradation of consciousness is the absence of a process of mindfulness increasing. Alzheimer's syndrome is an example. The ASR serves to prevent this disease, as well as depression - paradoxical psychosomatic bodily reaction to a long distress /the life challenges.

The ASR has nothing in common with medical services. Nevertheless, the ASR is a highly effective means of preventing and promoting health.


We recommend to master the step twice a day (at night before sleeping and in the morning after waking up), lying in bed with closed eyes. This meditation is about 20 minutes for 3 (or more) days to master the steps 1-3, for 4 days for steps 4-6. If this regime is not possible, you can do your meditation once a day at any time for 6 days.

The Principle of Each Step Mastering

In the space of controlled inspiration listen, visualize and experience the guiding text. This procedure is called "meditation". It is an algorithm for creating conditions for the transformation of guiding text into new positive subconscious programs.

The Principle of Each Step Fixing

Through the practice of implementing new programs in everyday life, increased mindfulness is achieved. In the interval between day and evening meditations, doing your usual everyday activities, you remember and apply the power of the intent of the guiding text.

The ASR is offered in the form of 6 steps (lessons) for self-learning.

This form of self-learning is an expression of a kind of pedagogical tolerance and deepest respect. Everyone can take whatever he wants, without pressure from the author's position. We are all different, with individual perception, sensitivity, understanding.

Up the stairs!

Step 1 is a mastering of the method of controlled inspiration (temporary point achievement of holistic consciousness). Two new cognitive behavioural programs are developed (the background state of joy and optimism; prevention and promotion of health).

Step 2. Getting rid of the basic internal conflict and various concomitant dependencies.

Step 3. Practicing the ability to generalize, you work out a method for quickly and efficiently mastering any new knowledge.

Step 4. Achievement of the ability to fix holistic consciousness.

Step 5. Virtual participation in the formation of the universe.

Step 6. Enriched with knowledge and experience of a multidimensional reality, new attitude and understanding of the world. The perception and understanding of the familiar 3-dimensional world in the context of the experience gained. New consciousness and mindfulness. The practice of its use in everyday life.

Step 7. For those who want more, the possibility of the emergence of the 7th step in the future is not excluded.


Mastering the Adequate Self-regulation really increases a person’s control over the world and himself, because from a new level of mindfulness a vision opens (in addition to ordinary knowledge and understanding) - a feeling of a comprehensive understanding of the essence of what attention is directed to.

In contrast to the infinite number of newfangled coaches, arising like mushrooms after rain, with their self-development methods based on the placebo effect that multiplied illusion and suffering, the ASR, based on the integration of scientific knowledge, allows everyone to achieve an integrated consciousness. And it means – revealing previously hidden abilities, to open up personal endless possibilities. Do master Adequate Self-regulation right now!

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(The first, basic step is free. Steps 2-6 together is $360).


Adequate Self-regulation is self-development. A person can only develop himself if he wants and knows how. Yes, and such knowledge has to be paid.

The practical result of the development of the ASR is a fundamental change in life for the better - the beginning of the movement towards real happiness and freedom (existential, psychological, financial). You do not just improve yourself and open up new opportunities, but open up new abilities, a new successful implementation, which directly depends on your previous learning of the Adequate Self-regulation.

All information about the ASR is sent to you with a pure heart and respect!

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Free Lesson-Step 1

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Customer Reviews

Comment author

Lana Stone, USA

Adequate Self-regulation opened the way to happiness for me. With this technology, I solved the problem of recovery. I got rid of insomnia, as well as small life troubles. I see so much joy in life!

Comment author

Berdakh Dauletmuratov, 33 years old, UK

Mastering the Adequate Self-regulation helped get rid of depression, gave strength for successful self-realization in business. I enjoy my new level of inner peace and confidence. I find in any situation the joy of doing and helping people.

Comment author

Darya Neymet, 18 years old, Ukraine

For a long time, I could not decide on the choice of profession. Adequate Self-regulation is a unique system. It gave me the opportunity to define my calling. Now I study at university. I wanted to pass the 1st session ahead of time to take a trip. Therefore, it was necessary to prepare for exams quickly. So, when I had been studying the questions for the exam, I did as described in Step 3. And indeed, I quickly learned everything and perfectly passed the exam. Adequate Self-regulation helps to solve life problems successfully.

Comment author

Alexander Leonov, 15 years old, Ukraine

Adequate Self-Regulation really helps. Tested by myself. There opened a strong desire to learn. It became more comprehensively to understand school subjects, and the time needed for mastering is much less. ASR – forever!

Comment author

Svetlana Trophimenko, Scientist, Ukraine

The mastering of Adequate Self-regulation opened for me its unthinkable depth, which resonated with me. As a result, I wrote a new PhD thesis quite easily. And in general, in my life, everything has changed for the better.

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Фото автора теории и практики Адекватной Саморегуляции.
I am a psychologist who has many years of experience helping people. But providing individual assistance, one does not encompass even a small part of those in need. Therefore, I set a goal to help everyone! It took years and decades. Now there is a result - the technology "Adequate Self-Regulation", and I am happy to help everyone.