Multidimensional Reality


Multidimensional reality is a hierarchy of spaces according to the type of interacting fields within each space. Where the number of degrees of freedom of the interacting fields determines the coordinates of each space. Each level of multidimensional reality has its own vibrational frequency.

Multidimensional levels do not cross with each other. Each subsequent level has more coordinates (degrees of freedom). The upper space includes all the information about the lower space.

Multiple reality includes 11 dimensions. We call "the world" our familiar visible, three-dimensional, objective world.  This title reflects its main feature - three-dimensional forms.

The initial (or final) space has 11 dimensions. It has full information about all the "underlying" spaces and its penetrating radiation passes through the entire hierarchy of multidimensionality to our world.

In addition to 5 well-known senses, a human has a sixth sense, the ability to selectively perceive multidimensional reality. All living beings have this ability. Anatomically, in humans, it is represented by a system of ultrathin tendon threads that permeate the entire body. Functionally, the sixth sense is a kind of antenna that perceives super-weak super-frequency radiation, coming from the "depth" of matter, resonance with which is a sensation.

The sixth sense is not intuition. The intuition mechanism is the spontaneous integration of prenatal and causative consciousnesses, in the space of which the current consciousness experiences information. In fact, in Step 1, we master the intuition mechanism. Then we use it to master all the next steps of Adequate Self-regulation.

Sensing a multidimensional reality, we experience it as the very "power of life" - energy, the emotional component of which is felt by us as happiness. The other side of our contact with multidimensional reality is the feeling of energy filled our whole objective world. In Step 6, we learn to master the energy-spatial-semantic landscape that is understanding of the universal language of multidimensionality. Having mastered this language, for the first time we are able to communicate in this universal language with the environment that gave birth to, supporting and loving us - with our living planet Earth - Gaia. She is able to “tell” us about those mechanisms that allow her to maintain the constancy of her own internal environment, her homeostasis, for hundreds of millions of years. And what we, people, can and must do to ensure that our conscious participation expands and strengthens the possibilities of Gaia homeostasis. This is a kind of final exam of humanity.

The quantum world is a multidimensional world. And all its paradoxical effects are an attempt to interpret our instrument intrusion into this world.

"Quantum immortality" is a different interpretation of the "Schrödinger's Cat" effect. The only adequate interpretation is that after the death of the physical body, the individual continues to exist in his bio-hologram until the end of the Universe. This is the destiny of an ordinary person who has not mastered the Adequate Self-regulation, who has not understood that every living thing lives in its own individual bio-hologram.


The world is not a matrix. The world is an external physical reality, which makes it possible first to cognize oneself and the perceived world from within an individual bio-hologram, and then, having made a “quantum leap”, go out with one’s whole consciousness into multidimensional reality and directly experience it. Having mastered the ASR, we can achieve it. This is what the ancients called liberation (from "rebirth"). Those who have not mastered the ASR are doomed to permanent "rebirth" - to continue to exist in their bio-hologram, being born, living lives and dying, to be born again. Cyclically existing with their consciousness in their bio-hologram, without leaving it for a multidimensional reality. Those who remain at this lowest level of cognition continue to exist in this non-evolutionary “frozen” state until the end of the present cycle of existence of the Universe.