Two Models

The methodology of Adequate Self-Regulation (ASR) is based on a cosmological and psychological model of human existence.

The essence of the cosmological model - consciousness is a necessary element in the cyclic formation of the universe.

The essence of the psychological model - the Adequate Self-Regulation opens up the possibility of further evolutionary determined development of consciousness.

Independent development of the ASR at first implies familiarization with these two models. This is necessary because it broadens the worldview fixed in the usual rigid picture of the world.

So, the cosmological model states: our physical visible objective world exists as a 3-dimensional part of an integral 11-dimensional reality. So, our 3-dimentional world was formed as a result of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. And it will end with the Big Slapping in approximately 50 billion years, as the incessant accelerated expansion of the Universe will simply tear apart and spray physical matter into elementary particles. But the existence of the Universe does not end there. Because the process is actively intervened by the consciousness of all biological (and perhaps not only) existed, existing and those that will exist beings. So, consciousness not only stops the accelerated expansion of the Universe but also triggers the reverse process - accelerated compression. Which leads to a new Big Bang, opening the next cycle of the incessant existence of the Universe.

The psychological model states that the program of occurrence and the possibility of an infinite development of consciousness is encoded in the genome of biological creatures. For species Homo Sapiens, this opportunity is actualized, that is, each of us can now really develop our own consciousness and also mindfulness.

Moreover, the need for continuous, constantly vocational training throughout life has created the conditions to step out of one's comfort zone and master the ASR, at least to facilitate this vocational training with the required quality. A new level of consciousness achieved by the development of the ASR automatically organizes a new way of thinking necessary for effective existence in the 4th industrial revolution (digital world, artificial intelligence, programmable materials).

The psychological model says: at present, an accelerated movement to a new, higher level of mindfulness is beginning. This movement begins with an understanding of the psychological foundations of our life and its hidden mechanisms. The psychological model claims that the ability to develop conditioned reflexes in humans is due to the ongoing work of the psycho-physiological mechanism, which fixes at the physiology level (brain, neural networks) those changes that have occurred in the space of current consciousness. By having guide texts into the space of current consciousness through the methodology of the ASR, we are able to increase the consciousness by developing the necessary new properties, qualities and abilities. They are reinforced by the practice of activating the sensation of 11-dimensional reality and are fixed by the practice of everyday life. Criteria for the adequacy of personal growth, new learning and the achieved skill are improving the quality of life, success and the constant increase in the background experience of unity and joy - happiness.

Mindfulness is a process of constant self-identification of oneself in the world, with a selective search for tasks and finding their possible solutions, where the adequacy and speed of response depends both on the context and conditions of their formulation, and on the level of activation and joint involvement of causative and prenatal consciousness in this process ( functional divisions of bio-hologram). Mindfulness is a universal portal of self-programming.

Mindfulness is also our portal with 11-dimensional reality. Trough “learning” in infancy, and then through experience the perception of the 3-dimensional world then, we limit and firmly fix our only reality, our ordinary everyday world. Mastering the ASR provides an opportunity to gain a new, all-inclusive perspective on the world - the integrative feeling of the whole universe and the including it into the daily practice of decision making. This opens up the possibility of achieving any goals because it raises the usual way of making decisions to its all-inclusive level - the level of vision of the entire range of solutions for each goal and the choice from them the most optimal solution.