Course Structure



6 steps (lessons)
for mindfulness & consciousness enhancing

Step 1 Mindfulness Exercise

  • Control and management of inspiration. The beginning of achievement of psycho-emotional stability and a constant background state of joy and calm confidence. Prevention and promotion of health.

Step 2 Mindfulness Exercise

  • Getting rid of the basic internal conflict and various concomitant dependencies.

Step 3 Mindfulness Exercise

  • For those who are at school, college, university: increasing the effectiveness of any learning and understanding.

Step 4 Mindfulness Exercise

  • Achievement of the ability to fix holistic consciousness.

Step 5

  • Virtual participation in the formation of the Universe.

Step 6

  • Enriched with knowledge and experience of a multidimensional reality, new attitude and understanding of the world. The perception and understanding of the familiar 3-dimensional world in the context of the experience gained. New consciousness and mindfulness. The practice of its use in everyday life.

Step 7

  • This is a separate big topic of interaction between consciousness and matter. Step 7 does not belong to Adequate Self-regulation and is not published yet.

Full Course

  • Adequate Self-Regulation

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